What We Do


Plan Design

In designing a new retirement plan, we will work with you to design a plan to satisfy your objectives. If you already have a plan, we will review your plan and propose cost effective and efficient alternatives to resolve any issues along with any unnecessary expenses. 

Plan Documents

After you have decided on the design of your plan, we will prepare the required documents (Plan Document, Adoption Agreement and Summary Plan Description).  If you already have a plan, we will review your existing documents to ensure the specifications satisfy your needs and objectives. 

Recordkeeping and Administration

 At the center of our services is our constant focus on providing the most accurate reporting for our clients.  Included in our services is the completion of the plan valuation report (including all required testing), signature ready 5500 forms, participant statements and summary annual report. 


In order to have a successful retirement plan, complicated rules and regulations need to be observed.  Plans that fail to comply with these regulations are exposed to the risk of penalties and adverse tax consequences.  Our experience and in-depth knowledge is a critical component to proper plan administration.  As your TPA, we will work with you to protect the plan, the plan's trustees and your firm to ensure that your plan is in full compliance at all times.